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Body Cosmetic
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Med-Beauty-Produkte: Medical Cosmetics made in Switzerland

Scientific expertise coupled with years of experience in the medical aesthetic field that awaits you at our innovative cosmetics institute in Zurich. At the center of our actions while medical cosmetic treatments are among the use of cosmeceuticals. The term cosmeceutical is made up of the two English words "cosmetics" and "pharmaceutical", is an excellent description of our award-winning Med Beauty Produkte von Med Beauty Swiss. For the production of high-quality  Med-Beauty-Produkte - as the term suggests cosmeceuticals - ingredients of cosmetics and medicine. These are higher than in classical toiletries and lower than in medication doses and are subject to a special manufacturing process. like other creams or gels The Med-Beauty-Produkte applied to the skin and can be applied in various skin problems. has been proven in clinical trials that sustainably improved with proper application of the Med-Beauty-Produkte dark spots or blemished skin.

In collaboration with the existing since 1992 Institute of Medical Cosmetics "Body Esthetic" in Zurich, we want to help make your skin long stays healthy and beautiful. Through our broad range of Med-Beauty-Produkte from our shop, we can preventively protect or specifically solve various skin problems your skin from everyday stresses. For blemished and oily skin we recommend for example the Med-Beauty-Produkte from the series "Gly Clean". . The skin gel is provided with refined fruit acid and refined gentle skin surface relief. With the "AminoCare Mask" a clear and pure skin and in addition a tightening effect is also achieved. To this effect Mask is based on amino acids and healing earth for the treatment of lichtgealteter Haut. Take some time and browse through our offer, you will find plenty of other Med-Beauty-Produkte for the optimal care of your skin, such as the "Preventive SkinCare rich cream"  that tightens your facial contours thanks to exclusive Trimoist complex and consolidates, or our Anti-Aging Med-Beauty-Produkte series "Cell Premium".

Optimize your skin care and take an additional medical or cosmetic treatment in our Med-Beauty-Institut in Zurich true. Of course we use for all treatments, the innovative Med-Beauty-Produkte von MedBeauty.